Did China Create Coronavirus?

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⛔How China🇨🇳 Are Making Huge Economic Profits After Infecting The World With A Bio Weapon Called COVID-19

↕️Below Is My Own Written Analysis And Opinion On Why I Think China Created The COVID-19 Virus. Read Carefully;

▪️Some World Leaders Have Accused China Of Intentionally Creating The Coronavirus To Collapse World Economy And Take Advantage Of The Crisis.

▪️Also Top World Officials From Spain, Netherland, Turkey, Czech Have Also Warned Countries Not To Accept Any COVID-19 Kit, Masks, Gloves, Medical Materials, Ventilators And Equipments From China Because They Are Not Fully Functional And Possibly Contaminated.

▪️According To Trending Reports, The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Which Started In The City Of Wuhan, China Was Alleged To Be Planned Almost 15 Months Back And Engineered As Soon As Wuhan Virology Lab Was Established During January 2018.

▪️Even Donald trump Called The Coronavirus ‘Chinese Virus’. Even Now, A US Firm Have Sued China And Seeking Billions Of Dollars In Damages Over The Coronavirus Outbreak.

▪️Other Part Of China And Cities Like Beijing And Shanghai Which Are Not Far From Wuhan The City Where The Virus Started Have Less Positive Cases Than Countries Thousand Of Miles Away Like Italy, Spain, USA, Canada Etc Are Deeply Affected.

▪️In Every Highly Affected Countries Including UK, Australia, Canada And Other Country’s Top Leaders, High Rank Officials Have Been Infected With COVID-19.. But Not A Single Chinese Political Or Top Military Leader Got Affected In This Epidemic! Surely There’s Something Fishy!

▪️Now The Question Everyone Is Asking Is This; Is China Now Waiting For The Right Moment To Come Up With The Antidote For COVID-19, When The Rest Of The World Will Have No Other Option Rather Than Buy From China? When That Happens, China Will Again Be On The Drivers Seat In Global Economy.

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▪️Even Now So Many Countries Officials Have Blamed China Of Releasing The Virus And Accusing Them Of Creating The COVID-19 Vaccine For Themselves.

⛔China’s 🇨🇳 Crisis Before The COVID-19 Outbreak:

1. Chinese Economy Was Suffering Due To Trade War

2. Unfavorable International Opinion Due To South China Sea Disputes

3. Internal Protests At Hong Kong Having Potential To Cause Mass Public Outrage

4. International Initiatives Like Belt And Road Project Were Stalling Due To A Wide Range Of Diplomatic And Economic Problems

5. World Getting Concerned About Its Aggressive Foreign Economic Policy And Take Overs Of Foreign Companies.

☢️What A Perfect Timing For China And This Cornoavirus To Spread Around The World.

☣️China’s Grand Plan To Get Out Of This Mess:

1. Create A Virus

2. Spread The Virus

3. Vaccine Are Available Only To Them.

4. Economic Sabotage

5. Lend Money With High Interest To Countries.

6. Sell COVID-19 Materials, Ventilators, Kits And Other Products To Countries Over The WORLD.

7. Take Over World Power

▪️I believe, China Made A Bio Weapon To Counter Trade War And The Results Are Out, Whole World Will Go Into Economic Recession But China. Such A Cold Blooded Capitalism By Communists Of China Using Bioweapons To Kill Their Own Citizens And The World At Large For Economic Profit And World Power. Such A Tragedy!

▪️Even Now In China, Factories Are Reopening. For Businesses Are Resuming Operations. Chinese Companies Are Exporting Coronavirus Supplies To Countries Around The World. Their Economy Is Booming And Going Back To Normal, While The World Is Still In Locked Down, Struggling With No Vaccine Or Antidote To Battle This Deadly Virus. How Come China Is Out Of It And Their Country Is Back To Business…Is A Wonder!

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▪️And Don’t Forget China Is Trying To Take Over Australia’s Economy And Also Invest In Overseas Markets While The world Is Trying To Heal From COVID-19 And Rebuild Their Economies. What About Russia? Why Do They Less Positive COVID-19 Cases? Think Again!

🔸Sun Tzu Philosophy : “The Supreme Art Of Winning A War Is Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting”.

▪️Do You Think I Just Made Up A Conspiracy Theory? Let Me Know In The Comment Box..

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