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How to Grow Your Business From Zero to Hundred Using Social Media

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Alot of people always find it difficult to understand the concept behind certain things,this is why they never succeed at doing them. Everything that happens has a principle that makes it work. Truly speaking nothing  JUST HAPPENS, just like Newton’s third law of motion tells us that “for every action,there is equal and opposite reaction”,this means that for something to happen, something else must have happened initially.


For an aeroplane to fly,there is are laws of aerodynamics guiding such an operation,for a car to move,there is a law guiding such,for a ship to float on water,certain laws and principles must be in operation. A little breach in such principles could adversely affect effective manifestation of the anticipated result,whether massively or in little ways. 

So it is also when it comes to making your business thrive on social media. Certain patterns and principles must be followed. In subsequent posts, we could get to focus on specific social media platforms,but for now,I’ll give you a general social media principle or rather a concept that works like magic.


After series of study and testing, I developed a method called the 2B3S method:


1. Build Your Fan Base:

For you to live in a house, the house must first be built. In like manner, to make your business pronounced, known and influential online, you must create and build your Fan base.

This is simply making your business presence known on social media. Regarding this step, I’ll strongly advice that you focus on a particular social media and build your fan base strongly. You can have an account on all available social media platforms to make your presence known there but make sure you’re strongly active on a particular one before moving to build the other.

Trying to build all at once might wear you out, thereby rendering you Ineffective, and ineffectiveness is the beginning of pronounced incompetence, and pronounced or noticed(by your fans or clients) incompetence destroys your business. 


2. Be committed:

     If success was a car, diligence would fuel it and consistency will surely drive it. Be committed to building your page and business generally. Share your page link,repost,repost and repost.

If you must succeed in the social media space, you must put in as much efforts as you would to your white collar job,sometimes even more. Stay committed to it,in no time, your results will begin to manifest.


3. Strategic Posting:

Alot of people fail to understand this concept and they actually sit thinking all day,what could be hindering their results from showing forth. Study carefully and Understand the algorithm of the social media platform you’re using(that is a teaching for another day though).

Taking WhatsApp as a case study,some people tend to post a whole lot of things on their statuses at an instant. It is truly unprofessional to do that because humans hate being spammed, deciding to spam your status drives them away.

As valuable as those contents could be, a majority of your viewers might not view them. This is the major reason why WhatsApp has a feature that allows you see the number of people who have viewed your post over a particular period.

You know how many viewers you could have per day, give intervals between contents(especially those not related) and learn to post strategically.


4. Stick to Your Niche:

This is a very crucial point most digital fellows fail to understand. Your business page is not your personal profile that you post anything you want or feel like posting.

Business is business,your personal life is yours. People are truly not always concerned about you, all they want is a solution to their own problems,if you’re not solving their problems,they don’t want to know.

For them to subscribe to your page or platform, it shows that they’re interested in the services you offer, or the products you sell because it in one way or the other proffers a solution to their problems. If talking about yourself doesn’t give them value, then don’t. Religiously stick to your niche, if there must be any deviation, it must not exceed 5% and your deviation must be valuable.

Let your brand be a reference to the problems you solve, such that when anyone makes an enquiry regarding that niche, people redirect them to you.


5.Show Competence and gain your Audience’s Trust:

How do you gain your audience’s trust on the digital space? Give them real value and show your Competence.

With the rate of fraud going on in the world now, you truly don’t expect someone that has never met you physically before to all of a sudden pay you their money for your product or services.

You must first get them to trust you, give them value for free, teach them some things for free, give free ebooks if you can, host free trainings if you can, never make them have a hint that you’re after their money.

Give them value always and answer their questions. A very powerful tool to prove your Competence ln the digital space is the use of testimonials, ask for reports from people who participated in your trainings, who bought your products whether digital or offline products and post them consistently.


Technology is a tool that if you fail to understand, you’ll be heavily left out. Understanding how to use the social media effectively for your business could give you results you have never seen before.


Carefully implement all ideas above CONSISTENTLY and watch your business grow.

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