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Learn How to Use Android Applications on Your Computer.

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Have you ever tried running some of your Android applications of your computer but they never worked? Or have you ever gotten tired of playing games on your little phone smartphone screen? Worry no more, I just found a way out for you as usual.


What’s the way out? BLUESTACKS!!! 


What is Bluestacks?

Bluestack is an emulator Software produced by an American company. The software permits its user to run Android applications on windows and even Mac Operating system.


Advantages of Using the Bluestacks software :



• This is truly a good invention as you might sometimes not be comfortable performing certain tasks on your phone, maybe due to its limited screen size or the absence of the hardware keyboard and mouse which most times makes our work easier and faster.


• It could also be very useful when your phone is bad, for instance, part of your phone’s screen is bad, the Bluestacks software could help you to salvage the situation.


• Some applications are designed to function like a responsive web page (such that they could be used both on phones and computer systems) while some donot have a Windows or MacOS equivalent. The Bluestacks software could also help you proffer a solution to such inadequacies by allowing you run those applications on your system.


For Windows :


Inorder to run BlueStacks 4 on windows OS, you’ll need:


• Firstly, you will need an administrator account on your Windows PC to install BlueStacks.

• A graphics driver that is up to date.

• A computer system with Microsoft Windows 7 or a newer version.

• An Intel or AMD processor.

• A minimum of 2 GB RAM.

• A minimum of 5 GB of storage space free.


For Mac OS:


Aside using the BlueStacks app on windows, it also works on macOS. Hence, you’ll need :


• You’ll also need an administrator account to enable you install BlueStacks on macOS.

• MacOS Sierra (10.12 or more recent) with up-to-date system software and drivers .

• A minimum of 4 GB of storage space.

• A minimum of 4 GB RAM.




Installing the Bluestacks Software


To be able to run your Android applications on your computer OS, you’ll need to get the Bluestacks app installed on your system:


• Open your browser

• Type www.bluestacks.com and search

• Click on the “download bluestacks” option displayed there.

• Before going further, you could do well to turn off your anti-virus software to avoid any hindrances or interruptions

• After clicking the download option, click on “Save”, then you run the file

• This might take some time, depending on your system’s specifications and also your network speed. The software should launch automatically after the installation process.


Using Android Applications on Bluestacks.



After installing the Bluestacks software, you might want to use some Android applications on your system. To do this, follow the procedures below :


• Launch the Bluestacks software

• Sign into your Google play account

• Search for the Google play application you intend to install

• Just as it is on your Android phone, a list of installed applications(icons) would be displayed within the Bluestacks app

• Each of the applications when opened, runs on separate tabs entirely, such that you can switch between them.


The BlueStacks 3, which is a more older version of Bluestacks was formerly in use but is no longer supported.


After the Bluestacks 3, the Bluestacks 4 came up but due to some of its limitations, the company has developed the Bluestacks 5 beta software to support a wider range of applications and features such as games requiring Android 8 or 9(e.g: Alchemy Stars)

The Bluestacks software is free for both windows and Mac OS users.


Bluestacks is a very useful and legal software that can give you the experience you desire. It’s major disadvantages are that it consumes data and also takes a whole lot of space, thereby reducing the speed of your device. You might also want to eliminate some adverts which might pop-up while using the app, to do that, you could pay for an upgraded Bluestacks account.

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